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Electoral Literacy Club

Electoral Literacy Clubs are being set up in the country to promote electoral literacy in all age groups of the Indian citizens. The club works by conducting interesting activities and hands-on experience but in an apolitical, neutral and non-partisan manner. Electoral Literacy Clubs are especially being set up in colleges all across India targeting the new voters, (in the age group of 18-21 years old) pursuing their graduation. The club will have all the students from all semesters as its members.

The club aims at strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.
To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed and ethical voting and follow the principle 'Every vote counts' and 'No Voter to be Left Behind.
Club Bye Laws :
  • The purpose of the Club is to foster participation of the members in electoral process and related matters and understand the value of their vote The Club also strive to spread awareness in the community about  the value of their vote and exercise their right to franchise in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner through its programs.

  • The Club provides “Free membership” to all the regular students of Priyadarshini J.L College of Pharmacy, Nagpur

  • The Club will have a Chairman and Vice-chairman elected from amongst the other members of club from the College

  •   There shall be Nodal Officer who shall be supervising the activities of the students.

  • The tenure of the Executive members will be of 1 year extending to 2 years.

  • Regular meetings shall be held at a date, time, and place convenient to all the members

  • The organization shall operate as a non-profit association and no profits may accrue to any individual within the organization.

  • Only after the approval in meeting, any activity/program will be organised by the club.

  • If any member wishes to leave club he/she can do so with prior 10 day information to the Noddle officer, Chairman and Vice-chairman of the club.

  • Any member who fails to attend 3 consecutive programs/meetings of the club without prior information is liable to lose his/her membership.

  • The action plan of the club will be prepared by the Chairman and Vice-chairman of the club.

  • In the event of any damage occurring to the property of the club then corresponding fine will be paid by responsible member.

Expected Outcomes:
  • I. To educate the targeted populations about voter registration, electoral process and related matters through hands on experience;
    II. To facilitate EVM and VVPAT familiarization and education about the robustness of EVM as well as the integrity of the electoral process using EVMs;
    III. To help the target audience understand the value of their vote and exercise their right to franchise in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner;
    IV. To harness the potential of ELC members for carrying the electoral literacy in communities;
    V. To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered

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