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Arogya Parigyan Club

Health is the biggest priority of humans. Without it, no one can stand or can focus on anything of life. People need to stay mentally, physically and emotionally fit in order to exist in this world. Many studies have shown that engaging in physical activity helps reduce stress levels and improve mood, while sedentary behaviour may lead to increased stress, poor mood, and sleep disturbances The Arogya Parigyan Club of Priyadarshini J.L College of Pharmacy, Nagpur provides a forum to sensitize students regarding health, maintenance of a healthy life style and for the discussion of public health issues of importance within the college community as well as the public community.
The Vision of the Club is to inculcate values of health and fitness, spread health awareness, contribute positively to the personal growth and enlightenment of students, and foster a community that is empowered with higher quality of life.
Club Bye Laws :
  • The purpose of the Club is to foster participation of the members in regular physical activity, connection to the local ecology, and continuous personal growth and enlightenment through personalised attention and services. The Club also strive to spread awareness in the community for a healthy and balanced lifestyle through its programs.
  • The Club provides “Free membership” to all the regular students of Priyadarshini J.L College of Pharmacy, Nagpur
  • The Club will have a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Treasurer nominated from amongst the faculty and the students from the College
  • There shall be faculty/staff advisor who shall be selected each year by the membership.
  • Regular meetings shall be held at a date, time, and place convenient to all the members
  • The activities of the Club will be funded by the College and the sponsors if any
  • The organization shall operate as a non-profit association and no profits may accrue to any individual within the organization.
  • Only after the approval in meeting, any activity/program will be organised by the club.
  • If any member wish to leave club he/she can do so with prior 1 day information to the president or Vice-president of the club.
  • Any member who fails to attend 3 consecutive programs/meetings of the club without prior information is liable to lose his/her membership.
  • The action plan of the club will be prepared by the president and Vice-president of the club while, secretary will maintain record of the club events.
  • In the event of any damage occurring to the property of the club then corresponding fine will be paid by responsible member.
Expected Outcomes:
  • Arogya Parigyan Club is in a unique position of educating students about life in general and more specifically about diseases.
  • The club strives to create favorable environments and policies that support services and promote student health individually and collectively. 
  • Comprehensive health services programs of the club will minimize poor retention, Institute failure, poor grade, anger, stress, self-destructive impulses, dropout, absenteeism, and poor concentration which inevitably will contribute positively to the academic performance of students.
  • Promotion of fitness regime, creating health awareness is in alignment with the National “Fit India Movement”