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Journal club (Study Circle)

A Journal Club is a group of individuals who meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in scientific literature. Journal clubs are usually organized around a defined subject in basic or applied research. The general purpose of a journal club is to facilitate the review of a specific research study and to discuss implications of the study for clinical practice. The Journal  Club of Priyadarshini J.L College of Pharmacy, Nagpur provides a forum for keeping abreast of new knowledge, promoting awareness of current research findings, learning to critique and appraise research, becoming familiar with the best current research, and encouraging research utilization.
The vision of club is to make the students become more familiar with the advanced literature in their new field of study. In addition, it help improve the students' skills of understanding and debating current topics of active interest in their field.
Club Bye Laws :
  • The purpose of the Club is to foster participation of the members in regular physical activity, connection to the local ecology, and continuous personal growth and enlightenment through personalised attention and services. The Club also strive to spread awareness in the community for a healthy and balanced lifestyle through its programs.
  • The Club provides “Free membership” to all the regular students of Priyadarshini J.L College of Pharmacy, Nagpur
  • The Club will have a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Treasurer nominated from amongst the faculty and the students from the College
  • There shall be faculty/staff advisor who shall be selected each year by the membership.
  • Regular meetings shall be held at a date, time, and place convenient to all the members
  • The activities of the Club will be funded by the College and the sponsors if any
  • The organization shall operate as a non-profit association and no profits may accrue to any individual within the organization.
  • Only after the approval in meeting, any activity/program will be organised by the club.
  • If any member wish to leave club he/she can do so with prior 1 day information to the president or Vice-president of the club.
  • Any member who fails to attend 3 consecutive programs/meetings of the club without prior information is liable to lose his/her membership.
  • The action plan of the club will be prepared by the president and Vice-president of the club while, secretary will maintain record of the club events.
  • In the event of any damage occurring to the property of the club then corresponding fine will be paid by responsible member.
Expected Outcomes:
  • The journal club helps to develop critical literature appraisal skills.
  • The club will boost up the confidence and sharpen the presentation skills of the students.
  • The students should discuss the controversies.
  • It will help the student to formulate ideas for future research