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List of Institutions LTJSS

List of Institutions run by Sanstha

Engineering PCE - Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur
LTCE - Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai
PIET - Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur
PBCE - Priyadarshini Bhagwati College of Engineering, Nagpur
PIGCE - Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur
PJLCE - Priyadarshini J. L. College of Engineering, Nagpur
Architecture PIADS - Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture and Design Studies, Nagpur
LTIADS - Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture & Design Studies, Navi Mumbai
M.B.A. - Priyadarshini Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies and Research, Nagpur
Pharmacy - Priyadarshini J. L. College of Pharmacy (Degree), Nagpur
- Priyadarshini J. L. Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy (Diploma), Nagpur
B.Ed. - Priyadarshini College of Education (B.Ed), Nagpur
D.Ed. - Pallavi College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Nagpur
Engineering Diploma
- Priyadarshini Polytechnic, Nagpur
I.T.I. - Bhawani Private Industrial Training Institute, Nagpur
Physical Education
- Jyotiba College of Physical Education, Nagpur
Schools & Colleges

- Jyotiba High School, Junior College & M.C.V.C., Nandanwan, Nagpur
- Bhagwati Girls High School, Junior College & M.C.V.C., Nandanwan, Nagpur
- Pallavi Uccha Prathmik Vidyalaya, Nagpur
- Rajiv Uccha Prathmic Vidhyalaya, Minimata nagar, Nagpur
- Bhagwati Girls Prathmik Vidhyalaya, Nandanwan, Nagpur
- Priyadarshini Convent, Nandanwan, Nagpur
- Sant Jagnade Prathmik Vidhyalaya, Bagadganj, Nagpur
- Sant Jagnade High School, Nagpur
- Tilak Prathmik Vidhyalaya, Nagpur
- Late.Anand Choube Memorial High School, Nagpur
- Priyadarshini Nagpur Public School, Nagpur

- Lokmanya Tilak International School, Navi Mumbai