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PJLCP Department of Pharmacy

Faculty List

Sr. No. Name of staff Designation Department
1 Dr. D. R. Chaple Principal Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2 Dr. Mrs. A. J. Asnani Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3 Dr. D. P. Kawade Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
4 Dr. Mrs. M. P. Yeole Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
5 Mr. S. K. Shah Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
6 Mr. Kumar Pratyush Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
7 Dr. Mrs. K. P. Upadhye Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
8 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Bakhle Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
9 Dr. Mrs. G. R. Dixit Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
10 Dr. R. H. Kasliwal Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
11 Mr. A. R. Thakre Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
12 Mr. Y. N. Gholse Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
13 Dr. V. D. Gulkari Associate Professor Pharmacognosy
14 Mrs. S. G. Gurunani Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy
15 Dr. Mrs. S.P.Motghare Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy
16 Dr. Mrs. S. A. Deshpande Associate Professor Pharmacology
17 Dr. Mrs. S.V. Mangrulkar Assistant Professor Pharmacology
18 Mr. P. N. Amale Assistant Professor Pharmacology