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PJLCP Department of Pharmacy

Women Grievances Committee/ ICC/Gender Sensitisation Cell

Sr. No Cell Designation Name and Post Designation
1 Presiding Officer Dr. Mrs. A. J. Asnani (Professor)
2 Member Dr. Mrs. K. P. Upadhye (Associate Professor)
3 Member Dr. Mrs. G. R. Dixit (Assistant Professor)
4 Member Dr. Mrs. M. P. Yeole (Assistant Professor)
5 Member Dr. V. D. Gulkari (Associate Professor)
6 Member Mrs. N.S.Belsare (Lab Assistant)
7 Student Representative Ashwini Bhope (M. Pharmacy II)
Shweta Acharya (B. Pharmacy –IV)
8 External Member Adv. Mrs. Sushma Pophali